Where Shadows Drifted By

‘Where Shadows Drifted By’ is a short film on the painter Mairead O’Byrne that I filmed and edited to coincide with her recent exhibition at the Pearse Museum, Dublin. Mairead had a catastrophic accident to her right hand a few years back that could have ended her career. Determined to overcome the limitations her injury imposed on her she relearned how to paint and altered her style to accomodate her new reality. It is an inspiring story.

John Hemingway – Battle of Britain pilot celebrates his 100th birthday.

Wonderful to see RTE mark the recent 100th birthday of John Hemingway DFC. I had the great pleasure of interviewing him, the footage of which features in our series on the Irish who fought in WWII. The coloured photographs featured in the news report were a gift from me to John. A small gesture on my part to mark his very special birthday. A true gentleman!

Thank you John.

New York Festivals awards The Great Guide to the Future


Dave with Pepper. I think it was love at first sight.

Delighted to receive the news that The Great Guide to the Future, a series I wrote and directed, has been honoured at the New York Festivals Awards.

The series was awarded a Bronze World Medal for the episode on ‘Relationships’ and a Finalist Certificate for the episode on ‘Housing’. Congratulations to Tile Films and all the team involved in making the series such a wonderful success.

Links to the two episodes.



The Great Guide to the Future

ARGTTF - SFI Full Treatment (02-12-15) copy

Congratulations to the entire team involved in the making of The Great Guide. The series received a major thumbs up from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

It won an Excellence Award in the following categories:

Award of Excellence: Television – Programme/Series

Award of Excellence: Documentary Short

Award of Excellence: Nature/Environment/Wildlife

Award of Excellence: Direction (Martin Dwan)

Award of Excellence: On-Camera Talent (Jonathan McCrea)


John Count McCormack

I couldn’t let today pass without acknowledging that today marks the anniversary of the death of Ireland’s first global superstar, John Count McCormack. He made over 800 recordings and sold in excess of 200 million records. He was more than a singer of Irish ballads. To this day he is still regarded as one of the 20th century’s finest exponents of the music of Handel and Mozart.  Hope you enjoy his take on Handel’s ‘Come My Beloved’ from Atalanta.


And here’s his performance of ‘Ireland, Mother Ireland’ from his film ‘Song O’ My Heart’, which he made in 1929 for Fox Pictures. He was paid the phenomenal some of $500,000 for six weeks work.